Most cellular container vessels have a lift on / lift-off type hatch covers, and these are operated by shore cranes. The single folding-type hatch cover can be operated from a specific hatch as necessary. Details. Hatch covers and locking devices are the responsibility of the ship’s owners and operators and the 1966 International Convention on Load Lines dictates the position of hatchways, height of coamings, strength of covers and the need for securing devices. Hatch Covers Clearance Requirement for Loading Underdeck - Container Ship Operations Container vessel cargo operations involve many complexities and careful consideration will need to be made for safe cargo handling and planning Summarized below are some basic principles. In addition to the financial and insurance claims, there are other potentially more serious consequences that need to be considered: Fire – … Continue reading HATCH COVER MAINTENANCE Never open more than one set of hatch cover panels at a time. Hatch covers are generally referred to as heavy-duty shipboard equipment and, as the wording suggests, this is generally material that can withstand rough handling and does not need consistent maintenance. As the hatch covers were being opened, the officer heard a scream coming from the direction of the port side hatch coaming. Accidents often happen when hatch covers are moved. hatch covers, problems with hatch cover operation systems are also responsible for delays, claims, accidents and injuries. This book is intended for all those associated with the care, maintenance, operation and inspection of hatch covers (eg, deck officers, deck ratings, superintendents and surveyors). The Single folding-type Hatch Cover is a pair consisting of two panels and is driven by a hydraulic cylinder. The lack of hatch cover maintenance and/or improper repairs to hatch covers has been shown to be the primary cause of water ingress into the cargo holds which can lead to cargo damage. When the cylinder pushes the panels through the end hinge arm, the hatch cover is folded and moves along the rail at the same time and fully opened. Make sure you have the maker’s operating instructions for the hatch covers on your ship and follow them. Hatch cover operations are frequently carried out on board container ships, but due care is necessary to prevent damage by incorrect operation. HATCH COVER AND ACCESS LIDS General Requirements. OPENING Prior to opening, the Officer of the Watch must be informed. Ship Salvage: GRATES & HATCH COVERS Used as flooring, covering a hatch or placements requiring frequent drainage on board ships, grates are typically made from hardwoods but softwoods were/are also used depending on the budget of the ship and placement of the particular piece. He immediately stopped the operation of the hatch covers and ran to the port side where he found one of the duty A.B.’s bleeding from his right hand. The guide is intended for ship’s officers, ship operator’s technical … Based on the findings of the risk assessment, appropriate control measures should be put into place to protect those workers whose health and safety may be put at risk by the operation of hatch covers and access lids. Check that the hatch cover panel stowage area is free of The second edition has been extensively revised and updated, and includes information on hatch cover testing, recent IACS contributions to hatch cover design and operation, plus a new glossary of terms.

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