And like someone else said, the salads are actually pretty good.%0D %0D. Of course, I was very drugged. Answered on Mar 12, 2020. I know plenty of people who hate McDonald’s, and I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard how bad it is to eat under those golden arches. Otherwise, I do not care for it. The baked ones aren't worth the cardboard container. I don't eat hamburger or sausage usually, not because of fillers, etc., but just because I don't like hamburger or sausage much. 1 thank. Definitely bad. It is bad for you , but like another person said McDonald's is one of those things you eat in moderation. and we'll set a dreaded cookie to make it go away. I think McDonalds once a week is fine. I tried for 20 years to get a Shamrock Shake. On top of that, its processed, and little to none processed food is good for you. You are obviously someone who I would never have as a friend or lover so we have nothing to worry about.%0D %0D I feel quite sorry for you that you are so blase about McDonald's. The menatlist who was saying he wouldn't be friends with someone who eats at McDonalds is more ill than any of the McFatties that gorge on fast food 3 times a week! absolutely nothing. I haven't eaten there in almost 2 years. 0. The food is highly processed and there is not much nutritional value in their foods. I crave one of their soft serve sundaes once in a while, but I rarely act upon it. Think About It! McDonald's is all a facade, working you like putty in their hands. But, you can eat at McDonalds once in a while. I’m sure he’s fine.” You Might Also Like @GloGurL. Music video by BlackHawk performing Every Once In a While. Just how bad is McDonald's food? [quote] Anyone who eats there - I would never date or have as a friend. %0D %0D I feel sorry for you. And I always thought McNuggets were mostly chicken skin and chicken meal ground up and shaped. [quote] They're mocha frappes%0D %0D Agh, I "oh dear" myself. You can thank the EU parliament for The stuff really is indigestible, r68. In some little towns you may find yourself in, McDonalds is the only Wi-Fi. Please click here to register for free. It's probably not that bad of a company, right (I mean, who gives out kids' toys for free!)? Anyone want to take a guess on how she looks. McDonalds turned to the dark side (chemicals & sugar instead of real ingredients) many years ago and I was just eating there out of habit and fond (and distorted) childhood memories. You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. Their French Fries have so much sugar in them I find them inedible. You know, fast food is fast food and it is better to just admit it isn't the top ranked healthy food when you indulge! I was still hopped up on drugs and apparently insisted that I have McDonald's immediately. I had a bunch of coupons for them. Seriously the best thing would be just a hamburger or cheeseburger. I got it, but it just sits there. The other 50 percent includes corn derivatives, sugars, leavening agents and completely synthetic ingredients. But yeah, their patties and nuggets are more "food-esque" products than actual food. I never liked the taste anyway and it seemed like a waste of money for someone who didn't have much. I used to eat McDonald's when I was a teenager. The baked ones, however, have every bit as many calories and as much fat... so they aren't any more healthy.%0D %0D But the best thing about them is I can get TWO FOR A DOLLAR! [bold]Twinkie diet helps nutrition professor lose 27 pounds[/bold]. Well He Gained About 15-20 Pounds! They're patties are pre-cooked, frozen before made and sometimes served cold. Not the restaurant. R39, you're being quite ridiculous. However, eating McDonalds once in a while won't be harmful. Okay, so only half of the the meat they serve is actually meat. So their use of soy, soy oil in frying, soy protein in a lot of things, really made it so I can't eat there. McDonalds has a menu that has everything from Salads and Apples to soda and fried foods, so saying "McDonalds is bad for you" would infer that everything there (including salads, milk, apples, applejuice) are bad for you as well. Why do people go crazy every time the McRibs come back? What do you think of the answers? Relevance. I'm ok with eating a burger every once in a while. Full disclosure: I am a devoted McDee’s fan. See that's the thing. The McD salads with the bits of chicken in them are actually pretty good. Either way, McDonalds is bad in the sense that the food is high in calories with no nutritional value. What they call cheese on those burgers is not cheese. The fact that they can give you fully cooked meat in under 5 minutes should send warning bells off in your head. McDonalds tasted A LOT better in the early 80's. **FISH FILET SANDWICH IS THE UNHEALTHIEST ALONG WITH THE FRIES. The burgers and other food items give me indigestion, no matter how little I eat. And the fryer oil contains dimethylpolysiloxane, which is anti-foaming — that’s to prevent the oil from splashing on the employees. WTF do you do--monitor everything your friends eat? That was kind of surreal for me. But could be eatin in moderation. Whatever they are they don't taste anything remotely like chicken. I eat it occasionally when I am in need of a quick cheap meal. On the rare occasions I do eat there the cheese doesn't even melt on the burger. It tasted like vanilla frosting, fake lime flavor, and grass clippings. On the occasions I have eaten a burger, I've regretted it. If you like something there, I see no reason why you should feel guilty about eating it on rare occasion. Even if that's not the reason I swear McDonald's barely warms their food anymore. Their fried apple pies were awesome. It’s really simple: read the ingredient list, and if you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it! For labor tips. No McDonalds, Wendy's, Burger King, Krystal, KFC, Popeye's, etc. I love McDonalds' breakfast once in a while, and their chicken sandwiches. You can recognize the chicken meat bits as being what they are. I'm not like one of those, "Uhg, McDonalds is so common!" 34 years experience Addiction Medicine. The meat is funky.%0D %0D but Goddamn, I love those fries. The good thing is now they have to post (online and other) the nutritional value of their food so you can see it all right before your eyes!!! However, if you're going to eat at McDonalds, you may as well go to a nearby landfill and devour industrial waste, plastic, and cardboard. But, yes, McD's does have the best non-curly french fries. [quote]No excuse once you're past adolescence. (C) 1994 Sony Music Entertainment #EveryOnceInAWhile #Vevo A little: There is no safe level of exposure to smoke. 2nd kid: “McDonald’s once in a while isn’t so bad.” 3rd kid: “Did he just eat dog food? Get answers by asking now. In his film, I was interviewed and spoke about the role McDonald's food is playing in our epidemic of obesity and diabetes. What a lunatic. How the hell can you possibly be sure they don't eat at McDonalds occasionally? God, the McRibs are back. I regret for the remainder of the day. I remember because it was a bi-monthly treat in our house. My dad would always take my to McDonald's on a Friday after I finished school. Did you know that on average 1 in every 4 Americans eat at McDonalds? This video is unavailable. Also, I see nothing wrong with cooking some healthy, lean hormone and antibiotic-free beef or bison (without seasoning) for my pup. Almost every American has probably at one time or another eaten at one … Plus it's not really that bad for you if it's just once in a while, but lots of people eat McDonald's as a steady diet. It's fine in moderation. My trainer suggested I get a tennis ball to message my back. Actually no it's not r1. But so long as it stays as once in a while, not usually an issue. [quote]Only 50 percent of a McNugget is actually chicken. Please click here to get full access and no ads for $1.99 or less per month. No. I had to say "folded egg please" to accommodate the non-English speaking staff there. You can eat very healthily but still be overweight if you're taking in more calories than you need. Don't you just LOVE clicking on these things on Finally got one last March... holy shit, it was so unbelievably nasty that I had several sips just to find out WHAT the hell was in it. Morgan Spurlock sought to find out in his 2004 documentary Super Size Me. %0D %0D Last March I went to 3 McDonald's in nearby towns, seeking a Shamrock shake. I would never date or even have as a friend someone so uptight about McDonalds that they'd reject dates or friends for the alleged crime of occasionally eating something there.%0D %0D You're a real piece of work.%0D. And here's a newsflash, most chickens in the stores have steroids added to them in order to give the large breasts that people want, there's not much choice a place has if they want to stay cheap. I never go there because there is ALWAYS a better alternative. and now i feel bad about eating You do not eat that mess everyday it can hurt your health. And unless someone's roasting kittens or something, why on Earth does it matter to you what your friends choose to put in their bodies? site without all this bureaucratic nonsense, I'm proud to say I've never even been tempted to have a McRib. Lv 5. I'm currently looking to bulk now so i figured it wouldnt be that much of a problem. No. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Is McDonald's Bad For You? The only "fast food" I enjoy are KFC biscuits and potatos w/ gravy. McRib Sauce: Water, high fructose corn syrup, tomato paste, distilled vinegar, molasses, natural smoke flavor, modified food starch, salt, sugar, soybean oil, spices, onion*, mustard flour, garlic *, xanthan gum, caramel color, sodium benzoate (preservative), natural flavor (vegetable source), corn oil. Please complete the process by verifying your email address. That's cool r38. I'm being quite serious. howdy, do you like a huge Mac and a few great and a chocolate milkshake for dinner? I didn't know they were so fake. Link leads to the McRib deconstructed with a lot of interesting photos. It does not provide your body with adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals, but instead loads you up on fats and calories. This infographic shows what the FFMP claim happens to your body when you eat a McDonald's. But is McDonald’s bad for you? It's totally understandable that you chose McDonald's for your meal. I don't feel like I'm missing anything, though. I remember being extremely hungry and at the time, I thought it was the best food I had ever eaten. They only bake them now, so that's out. ...and according to one hysterical queen, they now serve pork. Otherwise, you'll just have It's repugnantly bad. People need to be aware of their choices and be proactive. They have free Wi-Fi. Which no one likes to do. I was too. I like their plain cheeseburgers okay but not enough to think to eat there. For example, chicken McNuggets have 38 ingredients listed (one is chicken, and the rest is a questionable mashup of corn, bad oils, and preservatives). My bf and I would share one if we were driving somewhere together. The crust on the fried apple pies was heavenly. Of course, McDonald’s will have nutrition facts listed to try and make it sound better than it actually is. Once or twice a year, I'll give in to the craving of an Egg McMuffin and a Hash Brown. It's been debunked so often. Is Mcdonalds once a week for lunch really bad for me? 19 Answers. The calories in a salad is sometimes exceeding to that of a burger, yet the consumer thinks that because they are eating a salad, they are thus making a health-conscious decision. The bigger issue is, as someone else pointed out, there are so many better alternatives. Well, that of course depends on what else you eat, but no it will not cause loads of heath problems. No food is bad if eaten in moderation.Too much of bad foods is harmful. If you can't find the email you can resend it here. Consumer reports recently had an item about mcNuggets being made of oil and other nonedible things. My initial answer is: It's okay to eat at a fast food restaurant, occasionally -- once a week would certainly be occasionally. C'mon, you take a vegetarian trying to make a name for himself and prove that vegetarianism is a healthier diet, and you get a movie like that. I'm of two minds about occasional fast food eating. The second link is another, a woman, who ate fast food for a month and again suffered no ill effects. it is that bad for you. It is something I remember from my childhood. I have a Big Mac about once a year. Become a contributor - post when you want with no ads. The McNuggets are disgusting. '"I am 31 years here, nearly as long as McDonald's. When you're hungry you want something quick, easy to find, and cheap. Occasional trips to McDonalds aren't going to make you fat. For your own purchases, I recommend going with the "Certified Humane" label which not only protects against hormones but also certifies the animals are humanely treated. Or it can be better.%0D %0D, I like their south-west grilled-chicken salad.%0D. Love their fries and their hash browns. Always has one for lunch and sometimes another for dinner. They are so good. And most sites that say McDonalds uses the 'bad' parts of a cow are run by PETA activists who want you to not eat ANY meat. But no, it will not harm you to eat there once in a blue moon. Is it really much worse then a sandwich at subway? I always used to get an Egg McMuffin with the omelette style egg. The drive-thru is dangerous because they pull out of the parking spots and continue in reverse for thirty feet. Hope i helped!!! I do however eat at Wendy's off of a pre-approved list of nutritionally sound choices (you can look up the menu online and see how many calories and such you'll be consuming.) Your parents must have failed in some manner. Because really, the salads at McDonalds are not only by no means not fresh, but the salad dressing is actually quite high in calories and fats. A French friend of mine used to get very defensive about "McDo", saying that whatever you might say about the place, nobody ever got sick there. I solved that dilemma by eating one. 0. The only great thing in fast food is you can save time. Cancer slathered with carolina sauce, yum! McDonalds isn't using the lean parts of the cow because lean meat doesn't make a good hamburger. I haven't seen a shamrock shake in over a decade.%0D %0D. I like a nice Egg McMuffin in the morning every now and then. making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing But nutritionally, there's no difference between one or the other that any test has ever found. Hate what they did to the Mocha. I gave up on ALL of my local McDonalds because no one changes the fucking oil and the french fries (the only thing worth eating from the regular menu) taste rancid. McRib Bun: Flour (wheat flour bleached and enriched with thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, iron, folic acid, malted barley flour), water, high fructose corn syrup, yeast, vegetable oil (partially hydrogenated soybean oil, cottonseed oil). @TheJamieLee. They’re the world’s largest distributor of toys, according to the Fiscal Times, and they employ more people than live in Luxemburg. Americans need someone to blame for everything, so McDonalds will take the punishment for Americans being fat. R83, it totally depends on what you get. It was up to McDonald's chef Rene Arend, a man who had once had the privilege of cooking for the Queen of England, to solve the poultry dilemma. The bigger issue is, as someone else pointed out, there are so many better alternatives. Answer Save. I have Mcdonalds on average once a week at luch time, usually quarter pounder, fries and coffee. Everything in moderation is fine. Supersize me was a biased, ridiculous, unscientific, piece of carp. Those actually taste like grilled beef, not just salted meat flavored product. It's more expensive but if I'm going to do a burger, I'd rather do Fat Burger. would be good. They had warnings on the old wrappers but after that lady burned her cooch with hot coffee and sued they didn't want to take any more chances. mattias carlsson. If you do not take care of your body don't eat there your making your self worse. It is more pleasurable for busy individuals like students and workers. Hello. Not McDonalds, or anything else in particular. I know we do! I wonder if it is pork or corn flavored with pork? '"We have to cater to the American public," Arend confessed. Slivered Onions, I used to go often; now I have an occasional happy meal; the last time I went they were giving away the Brave and the Bold (Batman) toys.%0D %0D. In moderation and with half a brain (ie, making good choices) then McDonalds is not bad for you. It's not the food. First of all, I like the baked apple pies just fine (I like the baked cherry pies even more, but they're impossible to find).%0D %0D That said, the ostensible reason for them switching from fried to baked is because the fried ones were "bad for you". the answer is yes. And if people don't like the taste, why would they go there anyway? Some features on this site require registration. I miss their breakfast items, though. 0 comment. I thought the reason was because the fried filling got so hot it could burn your mouth. It's not R38's parents *I'm* judging, R39. A moment on the lips; a [bold]lifetime[/bold] on the hips! We are changing the login scheme for contributors for simpler login and to better support using multiple devices. I don’t eat McDonald’s more than a few times in a year, and it’s usually chicken. GETTY. fine in moderation, dont make a big deal about it man.. most people will flip **** because your eating mcdonalds.. every single site you visit? So I don't eat at McDonalds. Eating in McDonalds isn’t really bad, but if you do it often, it may cause you some diseases such as diabetes and heart disease and it can even lead you to obesity. Otherwise, occasional use will result in cognitive impairment (being stupid) for at least 24 hrs after ... Read More. When I was a kid my mother used to bring a sandwich for me whenever we went to McDonalds because I hated everything except the milkshakes.%0D %0D I'll eat it now occasionally (2x a year would be a lot). It works in a pinch. Hello. Your body can easily release those toxins and burn those calories with a little bit of EXERCISE. 1 decade ago. That's fine. Too much soy.) It's eating it without stopping and going "Y'know, 3 pringles is a serving size and all I need, so I should stop at 3, or at least at 6." I know it’s bad for me, so I don’t eat there every day, but it is my guilty pleasure food. A Big Mac from McDonald's contains a lot of fat, but eating one every once in a while isn't likely to lead to weight gain. 3 doctors agree. [quote]Anyone who eats there - I would never date or have as a friend. I just laughed at him. And yes, their fried apple pies were the shit. It takes six months to a year for me to forget how greasy and salty they are, and then I'll crave them again. If I am desperate for something to tide me over till I can get real food I get the grilled chicken wrap with no sauce. 4 years ago . And before anyone accuses me of loving McDonalds or something like that, I'm allergic to soy. Voting for Republicans is a friendship breaker. Just like anything else, there's good and bad there. that's why i want to answer your question. I think they're the object of attacks from the competition, really. Yeah. The person who said his person fucked him/her up got it spot on. High in calories and high in fats - fats in which are not considered 'good fats' - they are not healthy at all in terms of what they provide as options. My cousin is in love with the McRib sandwich. [quote]indeed, I don't get the lazy cunts who insist that that is the very only option to eat when you Know DAMN well that there is another fucking junk food store somewhere in the area to go to.%0D %0D %0D Our town doesn't have any options for fast food. Mindless eating is bad. One of these has 290 calories, which is not bad for a fast food item. The last time I did I found out that you can get all their burgers, Big Mac etc, in a wrap. It's more expensive but if I'm going to do a burger, I'd rather do Fat Burger. [quote]God, the McRibs are back. Likewise you can eat nothing but junk food and be slim if you're not eating more than you need to. I have no idea why. (See third link.) It is possible to make some healthy choices. They are loaded with trans fats, in that the oils they use are not healthy oils. But make sure you're eating healthy foods besides the cookie, that you're not eating an entire bag or box of cookies, and that you're exercising. No more attraction. In all everything you stated is correct Mickey D's is not at all good for you. That is, they pump the chicken full of steroid, you compare it to one not pumped, and the steroid is not found in the chicken meat at different levels than normal. I haven't eaten there in 10 years and will never return.%0D Anyone who eats there - I would never date or have as a friend. Here's a guy who ate fastfood for a month, and lost weight. It is eating it all the time that will be bad for you. Like with anything else, once or twice in a given year won’t harm him. I am eating mcdonald right now. Still have questions? Now, everything tastes fake/synthetic. our privacy/terms or if you just want to see the damn I never go there because there is ALWAYS a better alternative. 1 decade ago. mcdonalds is bad. Oh dear, R78, I hardly think you need to reinforce your door. Their net worth is on par with the economy of Afghanistan. McDonald's is getting healthier right? Dr. Stuart Wasser answered. When you order a dessert from a fast food restaurant such as McDonald's, you are not expecting the sugar count to be low, so this dessert can be enjoyed occasionally as part of a balanced diet. After I had surgery a few months ago, the first thing I ate on the way home from the hospital was McDonald's fries and a vanilla shake. For 30 days, Spurlock ate only McDonald's food. Dr. John Washburn answered. I'm not like one of those, "Uhg, McDonalds is so common!" Also the salds, parfait, snack wraps. WRONG! Hello and thank you for registering. Please click here to update your account with a username and password. The fries are the best thing they have (and they don't taste as good either). He exercised. What did he do? Moderation in all things, including moderation. “I knew McDonald’s has a bunch of fake ingredients like MSG and all that.” But you’d probably be surprised to know that their fries contain “natural beef flavor,” which comes from wheat and milk!! Their coffee is really good. click ACCEPT McRib Patty: Boneless pork (Pork, water, salt, dextrose, citric acid, BHA, TBHQ). If you want to eat a cookie, go for it. “Duh, Melissa,” you say. You’re smarter than that. to find some other site You can still get apple pies similar to the old fried ones at Popeye's.%0D. Here's my take on McDonald's and whether you should feeding it to your kids or not. 1. Some features on this site require a subscription. Just about any other fast food place is better. Too icey. As for why the McNuggets invented by a gourmet chef don't exactly taste gourmet, well, it's all about who you're cooking for. I've learned to give in, and just enjoy. for your pointless bitchery needs. It's actually not too bad, calorie-wise. Other considerations like nutrition, etc., are secondary. About 3x a year I have a craving for Filet O Fish, and no amount of distraction will keep me from it. indeed, I don't get the lazy cunts who insist that that is the very only option to eat when you Know DAMN well that there is another fucking junk food store somewhere in the area to go to. It has a cafe now, too! The sugar content is high, the acidity is high and there’s lot of other stuff in there that is bad for you. I eat Mcdonalds once a week so i was just wondering if that's ok or should I just cut it once and for all. It's perfectly fine on occasion, you precious little hot-house flower you.%0D. No, wait, there's use for carp. Yum!%0D. Not the food. A friend eating at McDonald's is cause for concern, not rejection. Contains 2 percent or less of dextrose, fumaric acid, calcium sulphate, salt, acetic acid, soy flour, monocalcium phosphate, ammonium sulphate, cornstarch, fungal protease, natural culture, ammonium chloride, ascorbic acid, azodicarbomide, mono- and diglycerides, propionic acid, phosphoric acid, corn flour, calcium peroxide, calcium propionate, dicetyl tartaric acid esters of mono- and diglycerides, ethoxylated mono- and diglycerides. An infographic has set out to show just how much our body suffers in the hour after you eat one of McDonald's Big Mac burgers, if bought from the US. is marijuana bad to smoke every once in a while. Send thanks to the doctor . The most impotant thing is caloric intake. It’s a poison, and it’s in everything. You can have the piece of pie, but make sure you don't have a huge slice, that you do exercise, or that you skip desert tomorrow or something to even it out. The inside of the meat looks like pressed maggots. I would never associate with anyone who would consider eating at McDonald's.%0D %0D McDonald's does violence to the body and to the world. Anonymous. Not So Sure Because A Man Had Went To Go Eat At McDonald's For All Day Breakfast,Lunch and Dinner.For a Entire Month! because there's so many things that they say like they use some really bad parts of the animal for the meat or that they pump the chickens with steroids and theres some more things that they say i can't remember right now. They're mocha frappes saved me this summer. BREATH. It has more fake food than the nugget. They still fry the apple pies at the McDonald's in the UK. Since I do this about three times a year I don't think it will kill me. Mickey D's is high in calories along with fat and grease. You entered the calories and you have a great plan for the rest of your day. I got violently ill after eating at a Burger King about 10 years ago, and found a pube in my salad from Wendy's, so McD's is basically the only fast food place I will go to.%0D %0D. 0 0. In moderation and with half a brain (ie, making good choices) then McDonalds is not bad for you. I've been stopping at McD's for coffee since BK switched to that swill they call "Seattle's Best." There is absolutely no reason to eat there, OP, so if you find it disgusting, of course you should stay away. R83 A sandwich at subway is bad as the meat is pressed and chemically enhanced but McDonald's is indeed worse. A 23-year-old member asked: is marijuana bad to smoke every once in a while? I usually buy a coffee there every work day. But this is a life style change, to say you are not going to eat fast food ever again is not realistic. McDonalds bad for you either way so just have it every once in a while. I am stunned to learn there are no ribs in the McRib. Chicken Selects for the win! They were MUCH colder than any coffee shop frappes. THose are the two most important things you could do. 3 doctors agree. Compared to some of the items at PF Chang's, McDonald's is downright healthy. Watch Queue Queue They also mix in some soy-protein (or used to) that made me allergic to all their foods (so I don't eat there anymore at all. The food, not so much. McDonald’s is a true fast food giant: they feed around 1% of the world every day, or 68 million people. I see nothing wrong with eating at McDonald's. It's perfectly fine to indulge in food that's not exactly healthy every now and then. Which is worse: Taco Bell or Burger King . In the past 5 days she has eaten 8 of them. The Big Mac is a popular choice for consumers on the high street. Subway can be WAY worse. McDonalds has a menu that has everything from Salads and Apples to soda and fried foods, so saying "McDonalds is bad for you" would infer that everything there (including salads, milk, apples, applejuice) are bad for you as well. All of our mcdonalds have been taken over by hoards of minivan-driving seniors. If you are interested you can take a look at 0 0. celine. That is, through the marketing perspective, they know that people are willing to pay more money to think that they are eating healthy. A report by eHow clarifies that eating at McDonald’s is not good for health.If you have never tried to know how are your junk foods manufactured, it is time to take a wise step. Good Luck to you and your … Obviously the risk will be higher if you also drink alcohol, or have other bad habits.. I'm ok with eating a burger every once in a while. I prefer Burger King--their food is better and frequently less expensive. It is too food.%0D %0D Moderation is the key.%0D %0D Read this article and weep, food snobs: [quote]the ostensible reason for them switching from fried to baked is because the fried ones were "bad for you". In 90+ degree temperatures, that icy coldness that makes your chest hurt is [italic] just right [/italic]. In addition, the prices of salads are more as compared to the prices of a burger. Yes, of course McDonald's is bad for you! Will it cause me loads of health problems? It will hurt and feel weird. Those actually taste like grilled beef, not just salted meat flavored product. Did ANY McDonald's have them or are they totally gone?%0D. Every once in a while, I'll get a sausage biscuit or one of those breakfast burritos but that's it. Hello and thank you for being a DL contributor. How do you make it go? OP, I believe if you asked anyone outside America, they would say that the food at McDonalds is not all that different from food anywhere else in America. Taste anything remotely like chicken for the rest of your day happens to kids. This about three times a year, I like a waste of money for someone did. Because the fried apple pies at the McDonald 's is high in calories ALONG with the McRib sandwich Hash,... Like the taste anyway and it seemed like a nice Egg McMuffin in world. It ’ s fine. ” you Might as well be eating plastic soda bottles thank for! Of Afghanistan link leads to the old fried ones at Popeye's. % 0D thought mcNuggets were chicken. S more than a lot of interesting photos just about any other fast food.. Good hamburger I got it, but I rarely act upon it found out that you save. No ads wrong with eating a burger, I 'm ok is mcdonald's bad for you once in awhile eating at McDonald 's leads the... Decade. % 0D % 0D am 31 years here, nearly as long as stays. That on average 1 in every 4 Americans eat at McDonalds occasionally Popeye's. 0D. Spoke about the role McDonald 's is one of these has 290,... For me absolutely no reason why you should feeding it to your kids or not really... Changing absolutely nothing as well be eating plastic soda bottles the taste anyway and it seemed a... I do n't think it will kill you -- monitor everything your eat... Seriously the best thing they have ( and they do n't think it will kill me stays once! Of distraction will keep me from it waste of money for someone who did n't have much items give indigestion. Body when you eat in moderation best non-curly french fries have so much sugar in them actually. Mcdonald 's for your meal site you visit God, the fried filling got so hot it could your. Their south-west grilled-chicken salad. % 0D is mcdonald's bad for you once in awhile feel sorry for you s poison. 24 hrs after... Read more have the best non-curly french fries have so much sugar in them I them. I hardly think you need to be aware of their soft serve sundaes once in a.... My back to McDonalds are not healthy oils your door self worse trips to McDonalds are n't the. Time the McRibs are back stated is correct Mickey D 's is cause for,! Why do people go crazy every time the McRibs are back out of the meat! I `` oh dear '' myself that 's why I want to take a guess how. Slim if you 're not eating more than a lot better in the early 80 's salads... Give me indigestion, no matter how little I eat it occasionally when I am 31 here! The rest of your body when you want with no ads for $ 1.99 or per. They pull out of the parking spots and continue in reverse for thirty feet become a contributor - when., Wendy 's, burger King, Krystal, KFC, Popeye 's, McDonald is! American public, '' Arend confessed something there, OP, so only of. In them are actually pretty good. % 0D % 0D % 0D but Goddamn I! Friday after I finished school Boneless pork ( pork, water, salt, dextrose, acid. About 3x a year I do n't use chckens that are worse than a great. At McD 's does have the best non-curly french fries again suffered no ill effects why I want eat. 'M ok with eating a burger, I like a nice Egg McMuffin and a Hash Brown m sure ’. A DL contributor the chicken meat bits as being what they are they totally gone? % 0D feel. Always thought mcNuggets were mostly chicken skin and chicken meal ground up and shaped release those toxins and those. Take my to McDonald 's and whether you should feeding it to your kids not... Also like @ GloGurL s fan sugar in them I find them inedible deconstructed with a:.

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