We use compass partners in social studies. Trail Sherpa National Parks. It is wonderful way to teach kids about geography compass rose directions. Set your compass to North, and look down the direction of travel arrow and pick a landmark that’s in the line of sight. Guided Kayaking Trips and Preferred Partners. Explore the differences between the physical landscape and maps using this great Geography activity! 1 pace = 1 left step and 1 right step. Jun 27, 2012 - I am knee-deep in maps, and I am loving it! It is played with a large group – have three to five kids hide in designated spots, like behind trees, boulders or buildings. Compass Navigation Exercise 1: Three-leg Compass Walk One of the simplest exercises for improving the speed and accuracy of your compass navigation is the Three-leg Compass Walk. Just like the speed dial partners above, my students find four different partners to work with, writing their names on the north, south, east and west lines. But don’t wait until you’re in the thick of it to figure out exactly how to do it – the difference between competence and mere passing familiarity could be the difference between disaster and a great campfire story. It may be fun to teach your students this little trick to remember right and left: if you hold your arms out in front of you, flex your wrists up and extend just your thumb and index fingers on both hands, the left hand with have a capital L for left. The printable resources below can be used when children are learning about compass directions. Allowed HTML tags: