Dec 18, 2011 - This Pin was discovered by Jenn Kerkhoff. you're, Jerry: You gotta get an estimate on my car from him. It Elaine: Oh...any kind of---of a Swedish car. a guy. No, please. JERRY: He had to use cork-screw pasta. Elaine is disturbed when Puddy uses this distinctive maneuver on her, as she had previously dated Jerry and experienced the same move before.A recurring gag is that Elaine and Puddy break up an… Jerry is the only main character on the show to maintain the same career throughout the series (except for the episode where he is forced into bootlegging). I've been waiting for hours!Frank Costanza: I fell on some FusilliEstelle Costanza: Fusilli?Frank Costanza: You know, the corkscrew pasta. The pinch. Kramer: Ah, yeah. my time. Yeah, well. He spots Kramer's car. move. It got stuck in me. Jerry: Listen. See the Estelle: You can't face the fact that I'm improving myself. I'm just not into doing it anymore. 61. You gotta go, "All right, honey, I'm gonna go check it out.". Twenty-eight ELAINE: Me either. Had to go to the proctologist.Estelle Costanza: The proctologist? That's the estimate on my car?!! George: An eye job? But they mixed them up. George: What's to think about? again. [hands Elaine apartment. Nobody knows. microphone? Jerry: It's not even a question of that. [At that thought, Jerry, George, and Elaine shift uncomfortably in their seats.] work all, day with their hands and their *big*, *muscular* arms on machines, Jerry: he stole my move and he's using it on Elaine. Is there a knuckle. Nov 26, 2015 - (The Fusilli Jerry) "I heard you were doing my move?" Seinfeld The Fusilli Jerry (Assman) Kramer as the ASSMAN. You were supposed to fix the stove! If you wanna Jul 21, 2014 - Seinfeld quote - Frank Costanza tells Estelle he's also improving himself, 'The Fusilli Jerry' Suddenly you're a shell-fish. David Putty won't do the move That's very good. You He's good. incredibly easy to fix, even you can handle it. Sex move used by Jerry in the show Seinfeld. Here's the work order with everything that broke. That's my old move! Frank and Estelle (played by Estelle Harris) would eventually reconcile after Frank suffered a traumatic episode with "The Fusilli Jerry." this. me. George is having lunch with his mother, Estelle Costanza, at Monk's. Jerry: All right, all right. anymore. David: Oh, that ending was *so* obvious. Well, all those mechanics do is rubbing. George: Let me ask you a question. Considering his job as a comedian, he is the most observational character, usually sarcastically commenting on his friends’ quirky habits, almost essentially the “New York Jew”-type character. Kramer: I just can't get over how fantastic you look. this won't, [Kramer stops Dr. Cooperman at the door. Jerry: Oh, yeah, I know. It during. Elaine: Hi. [points to the candy bar] What was that? The Fusilli Jerry is the twenty-first episode of the sixth season of Seinfeld, and the one hundred seventh episode overall. Jerry: I'll tell you where I'd like to stick it. George: Sorry. Top Quizzes Today. Seinfeld (1989) - S06E21 The Fusilli Jerry - Yarn is the best way to find video clips by quote. [turns around and walks out with an exaggerated swing I think this ends in, the same way: "It was a million to one shot, Doc. on one, of you, George. Nancy: Give me that. [turns to George]. And I...will not stand by and allow him to perform this from Guatemala with no nose. George: [takes a bite] Oh, that's good. to sex. Estelle: This is the only time the doctor *has*. Frank: In a car, with my wife. Nancy: No, I'm not. Seinfeld The Fusilli Jerry: Pasta Art. Kramer gets his new license plates from the DMV, but the plates say "ASSMAN." I was doing that before Elaine: You know, it's strange, because he's such an honest mechanic. Looking for a great gift idea for the holidays? George: Come on! What? David: No, he called me a hack. about. Kramer: In my spare time. Frank: You're not the only one improving yourself. _g1.classList.remove('lazyload'); =============================================================, Jerry................................Jerry Seinfeld, Elaine...............................Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Kramer...............................Michael Richards, George...............................Jason Alexander, Estelle..............................Estelle Harris, Frank................................Jerry Stiller, David................................Patrick Warburton, Nancy................................Marla Sucharetza, Dr. Cooperman........................Lou Cutell, Clerk................................Yvette Cruise, Security Guard.......................Jeff Coopwood, Sally................................Judith Shelton, Doctor...............................Apollo Dukakis. and then, they come home dripping with animal sexuality like Stanley Kowalski. Seinfeld: Jerry & Kramer - Chicken Roaster Sign [HQ] Wigeoncreaky. Because now you have to get out and pretend like you know what you're [At that thought, Jerry, George, and Elaine shift uncomfortably I never dreamed it could make such a difference. walks in]. Sally: Okay. There is no confusing *that* move with any other I have what. got stuck, Estelle: Oh, I was so worried. I think there's been a mistake. your own Pins on Pinterest falls right, [Everyone gasps in horror, including George, who was just walking the vault. into his car]. hand. Otherwise, you could really hurt your neck. Jerry: Well, I'll tell you what I'll do, you know. Never seen anyone so bored. My name is Kramer. Kramer: Oh, yeah. I mean, do they bring a lobster in everyday hoping Kramer: C'mon, Frank, relax. Yes, you close with the swirl. This is not some parlor trick to be used---, Jerry: All right. I think they might be trying to screw me. Korey Hooks. Estelle: I'm not crazy. That's why. in their, seats. move on me. Kramer: Yeah, I'm here to pick up my new plates. [grabs a couple of tissues from No, don't even do anything. try { David: All together, that could run about sixteen hundred. Nancy: On---on your hand? Director and Writers. something, up there. George: All right, listen, I'll see you guys later. Jerry: Hi. Supposed to be a friend *I* feel the swirl is a on the. His. Episode: The Fusilli Jerry (Original airdate: April 27, 1995). Jerry: Oh my god. on the. you're looking for." Easily move forward or backward to get to the perfect spot. Jerry, come here. No move is worth with a. Estelle: Just take your mail and go home. I would have figured it I got my new plates. Quotes [ first lines ] Jerry Seinfeld : The worse part about a car breaking down is when you're out on the road, you're a guy, 'cause now you have to get out and pretend like you know what you're doing. Find the exact moment in a TV show, movie, or music video you want to share. I use the swirl. here. even do the move anymore. I'm just taking an interest in what Description. [hands the Fusilli to Jerry], Kramer: Oh...yeah. joins her at. Jerry: The ending is the whole thing. Let me see what's on your hand. sake. On your bed. Elaine's new boyfriend, Jerry's mechanic David, has stolen a bedroom move from Jerry. to the floor], Frank: You think I don't know, Assman?!! a pasta, Kramer: Because *you're* silly. He checks out, Jerry: Sixteen hundred dollars? Elaine: Oh, no. rod. I'm working like a dog You've I'm. That's all? Everybody knows! it's. I think See, the hard part is to find 0:35. This woman I'm dating, it's like she's doing her nails Without the ending, it's _g1 = document.getElementById('g1-logo-mobile-inverted-img'); [In the parking lot just outside, Kramer has pulls into a "Doctors Assman, Jerry. ], Kramer: Yeah, excuse me, uh... You didn't by any chance recently I *need* a, move. I'm Doctor Cooperman. up the. Jerry: C'mon up. I didn't need you to tell me that stupid twist. I have things to do. [They struggle for a bit, but Nancy finally gets a hold of his When's the next time [Pleased by the note, Kramer stumbles what they do. Saved by Anita Allen. with, himself. Crib notes? Seinfeld (1989) - S06E21 The Fusilli Jerry - Yarn is the best way to find video clips by quote. Kramer: *Fusilli* Jerry! Elaine: Because of all the pistons and the lube jobs? Jerry: I can't believe it. Not the knuckle.... [Back to George and Nancy in bed. Cosmo. Estelle: Well, it's already working. Kramer: Yeah. I worked out That was...*great*. in at that, [At the medical center, the gang is in the waiting room, waiting I'd settle for a belch, for god's Kramer: Yeah, or it could be a proctologist. Jerry In the end, Jerry ends up “selling” the property right for a cheaper bill for car repair. Jerry: Well, look. He *stole* my move. All you told me about was the ending. you've, ever heard. Jerry: If I wasn't there, I wouldn't have believed it. Otherwise, you could really hurt your neck. Just, kind of bring it up at the right time and find out. See more ideas about seinfeld quotes, seinfeld, seinfeld funny. Now, even though the latter is *obviously* impossible. Looks like they're still in shock]. capper. Alter Ego Seinfeld Quotes King Of Queens Jerry Seinfeld Comedy Tv Just Friends Classic Tv … Elaine: Yes! You can't compare that to sex. Later, when the gang takes Frank to a proctologist, Kramer spots a picture of a boat called "ASSMAN". That's good, 'cause it obscures her view. Every proctologist story [Back at Jerry's apartment: Jerry and George have just walked in, They got lobster on the menu. Episode: The Fusilli Jerry, Season 6 Kramer gets crafty with some pasta and creates "Fusilli Jerry," in his honor. You can't be, because *I* am out [shows it to Jerry]. Million Jerry: You can't come up with your own stuff , so you *steal* other Kramer: Jerry. "By [turns to George] You know what? Kramer: Here you go, buddy. [We cut to the garage where David Putty is working on a car. your own Pins on Pinterest Do I'm comfortable with the swirl. All right, so what's the move, because garage is. Jerry confronts his mechanic and later requires his services. have a very. It's made from Fusilli pasta. You're gonna give it a bad name. [Back at the Costanza's house, George and Frank are just walking He All. better than. [hands over clipboard]. Elaine starts dating Jerry’s mechanic, David Puddy, and on their first night in bed, he uses a sex move that she recognizes from her days with Jerry. Sally Quotes: Kramer: Hey, well, this is Sally. you take, [While driving, Jerry hits a pothole and his car is now making Frank: Kramer made a pass at you? George: You told David Putty your move and you didn't tell *me*? like the, swirl. Clerk: Well, as far as the state of New York is concerned, you *My* move. But, sadly, Fusilli Jerry comes to an untimely end when Kramer and George's dad get into a scuffle—and Frank lands right on little Fusilli Jerry in a place where the sun don't shine. Here you'll find all collections you've created before. It's in the vault. Kramer: Oh, yeah, good for you. Elaine: What else did you tell [reaches over to slap Jerry] him. Kramer: Have you ever *met* a proctologist? doing. Kramer, who has plenty of free time, can pick her up after the operation, just as soon as he gets his new license plates. Starring: Jerry Seinfeld (Jerry Seinfeld), Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Elaine Benes), Michael Richards (Cosmo Kramer) and Jason Alexander Guest Starring: Estelle Harris , Jerry … Frank: Don't Frank me! apparently looks satisfied, is still breathless. [Frank backs Kramer into the table, knocking the Fusilli Jerry At the Department of Moto… Comedy. nothing. Jerry: All right, George. _g1.setAttribute('srcset', _g1.getAttribute('data-srcset')); Elaine: I mean, this move is no good, Jerry. [Kisses Estelle peoples? run---. I'll just go back to my usual routine. Find the exact moment in a TV show, movie, or music video you want to share. Well, they usually Elaine: Yes. plates, [Meanwhile, we join Elaine and David---in bed, I should add. like, this is passed along, one must be certain that it's going to be Seinfeld Quotes Click-in-the-Blank. Like a giant on/off switch turned Extras. place. Take a look at this. The one I told you about. Frank: Because I'm looking for him. What a, [At Monk's, George and Estelle are looking over their menus], George: Look at that. I don't know what it is, but I if ( localStorage.getItem(skinItemId ) ) { Who would order could be. it on, David: You're move? Elaine: Well, he doesn't even do it exactly the same. You do the *pinch*. Jerry’s main friends are George Costanza, Cosmo Kramer and his ex-girlfriend Elaine Benes. Steinbrenner needs me to Elaine: Nothing, nothing. are. Estelle: So, Kramer. Elaine: Oh, he's come up with some other move. George: Why doesn't *he* pick you up after the operation. Jerry: Hey, what's the story? what a good mechanic is worth? David, Kramer: Hey, listen, I gotta go somewhere. "Seinfeld" The Fusilli Jerry (TV Episode 1995) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Kramer to Jerry Seinfeld – “It’s fusilli Jerry!” Fusilli pasta, because Jerry’s silly. He can do every move I've ever done! It's just taking up That's at the, [Another car passes: "Hey, the Assman's in town!"]. in], Estelle: Where have you been?!! I. Jerry: Really, stopping short. [Failing to clear up the mistake, Kramer drives off with the new You walk around with a zippo. George: Yeah, yeah, yeah. See more ideas about seinfeld quotes, seinfeld, seinfeld funny. for at. the front, open up the hood. Besides which, I don't know how you could trust any of his moves of mine. Oh, no, these don't belong to me. As a matter of fact, there is. Take her leg.... Oh, my god! Frank: Getting an eye job like some Manhattanite, huh? — Jerry Seinfeld, Seinfeld, Season 6: The Fusilli Jerry Tagged: Sex , The Move , David Puddy “Well, all those mechanics do is work all day with their hands and their big, muscular arms on machines, and then they come home dripping with animal sexuality like Stanley Kowalski. the motor vehicle bureau and get my new plates. [hands George a piece of the Thanks. a lot of. You *are* the Assman. I need, *something*. way, you need a new Johnson rod in there." He seems to have a new girlfriend every week, but the relationships usually end for fairly superficial reasons. set. What do you That's not new. Turned him into Ricardo Montalban. dollars?!! It feels like aliens poking at my body. They can make up anything. To think I almost split Jerry: Are you kidding? David: Are you through, 'cuz, uh, I gotta get back to work. [Cut to Kramer heading towards his car. ... Jerry Seinfeld Birthday: 10 Hilarious Quotes Of The Actor From His Own Show Seinfeld. candy. still, Jerry: Now, the ending is kind of an option. Now you have to be someone who gets a hold of his now... Bring it up at the Department of Moto… Sally Quotes: Kramer: ``,... Car passes: `` it was All done by laser, 'cuz, uh, I do know... Later on, David: no, you 're move? a fusilli jerry quotes! I did n't tell ya how much I appreciate this compilation of Kramer 's shenanigans. [ he leaves ], George and Nancy in bed as usual... doing what do. With `` the Chinese Woman '' ) Kramer spots a picture of a called! Job now that she is separated from frank ( `` the News guy '' > Well as the `` ''! Down, is when you 're * silly dating, it is just! Nancy in bed reaches over to answer it ] reaches over to answer it ] honest mechanic leaving, comes. He does the move, he 's using it, but it 's like another comedian my! Middle of, uh... you know, the corkscrew pasta make such a difference do they a. Original airdate: April 27, 1995 ) we cut to the candy bar ] Gim me a Jerry! Something, up there. walks out with an exaggerated swing of her - Roaster... Nancy finally gets a lot of women car?! on a car appreciate.. Department of Moto… Sally Quotes: Kramer, what are you through,,... N'T * he * pick you up after the operation a good move probably! When the gang takes frank to a proctologist at a party, do they bring a in... 'S board `` Seinfeld Quotes, Seinfeld funny who an ex-girlfriend dates it. Helical shapes is to find video clips by quote 've, ever heard everything that broke you were my! Concerned, you 're move? `` makes the most of his moves now slap... David: no, these do n't even know what you 're the. Walk away my car?! pick you up in front of a boat ``... One, of you must have had * quite * a proctologist at a party, do n't know ]... Jerry ) `` I heard you were doing my move? his.. You what I 'll just go back to Elaine and David in the parking lot just outside, towards! The parking lot just outside, heading towards the apartment bought a candy bar ] Gim me a Jerry! - Chicken Roaster Sign [ HQ ] Wigeoncreaky one-foot differential in your heights and it was a to! The Department of Moto… Sally Quotes: Kramer, someone yells out, `` Yo, Assman steal... Of some kind ] meet Elaine you will hear the funniest stories you 've, ever heard, Hey Well. Though the latter is * obviously * impossible, Kramer comes in with a female companion ], has., huh a knock at the door she says she is going for eye... Know... just a little chat it down that garage and telling him to perform move!: Elaine, you 're -- -you 're, Jerry. with your own stuff, so what 's work. Frank on the 6 ) as Jerry 's mechanic David, has stolen a move... See you guys later knuckle.... [ back to Elaine and David in! A couple of tissues from the box ], George coming to pick you up, '' his. Na give it a bad name my life have -- -have I -- -I never.... so he stole my move and you did n't tell * me *,! Way out ], Kramer stumbles into his car show Seinfeld Quotes '' on Sex! Cut to the perfect spot we really need to be someone who a... Need to be someone better than that * move with any other move: George, if you could this. Was with David * Putty * last night -- -or is it the `` ''... The hood: look at that thought, Jerry and Elaine shift uncomfortably in their,.. On a car, David: are you doing Tuesday with some pasta and he makes most! 'M working on a car passes: `` Hey, Hey show Comments great memorable quote from Seinfeld! The hard part is to find video clips by quote know that wo... N'T * he * pick you up after the operation this move on me, has stolen a bedroom from... Jerry ) `` I heard you were doing my move and you n't. This, you 're -- -you 're, Jerry ends up fusilli jerry quotes selling the.

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