However, bananas are fairly quick to mature, and with some outside help, the industry was operating again within a couple of years at something like normal capacity. Willoughby, H. E., and M. E. Rahn, 2004:  Parametric Representation of the Primary Hurricane Vortex. In 1980, Hurricane Allen was the first of the year’s hurricanes, hence the boy’s name beginning with the letter ‘A’. - Britannias, by Alan Douglas, Burma -The Sound Barrier, by Tony Russell (1972), Burma - The Fertiliser Factory, by David McCormack (1972), Burma - Cigars, Religion and Superstition, by Peter Jones (1975), Burma - Special Adviser to the Manager, by Peter Jones (1975), Burma - Burmese Days, by Peter Jones (1975), China - Learning Chinese by Ralph Glazer (1983), China - Scotland the Brave by Ralph Glazer (1985), India - Delhi (Not) Singing in the Rain, by Ralph Glazer (1964), India - The Morning Commuter, by Peter Fieldhouse (1970), Japan - The Mount Fuji Disaster, by James Wilson (1966), Pakistan - Yaqoob and Musaleem, by Peter Liver (1987), Philippines - Cutting it Fine, by David Hogg (1970), Philippines - Being British, by David Hogg (1969), Sri Lanka (Ceylon) - The Day my Number (almost) Came up, by Gerry Catling (1960), Seychelles Days, by Mike McDonald (1974-1977), Abu Dhabi - Ice Cold in Abu Dhabi, by Graham Moss (1970), Abu Dhabi - Sand Trap, by David Hogg (1972), Dubai - a Training Posting, by Peter Liver (1970), Bahrain - The Traffic Manual Expert, by David Meyrick (1962), Bahrain - The Thunderstorm, by Ron Colnbrook (1968), Iran - The Nosewheel Incident, by Alan Hillman (1965), Iran - Hold Five, by Brian Cannadine (1972), Israel - Cultural Differences, Mike McDonald (1972), Kuwait in the Fifties by Jamil Wafa (1955), Kuwait - a 'Fifth Pod' Operation, by Jack Wesson (1965), Kuwait - the Oil Drillers, by John Cogger (1970), Kuwait - Out of the Fog, by Peter Richards (1991), Yemen - Sana'a Memories, by David Hogg (1973), Saudi Arabia - Abdul and the Bacon, by David Hogg (1973), Dhahran, Saudi Arabia - Rats! Although the hurricane’s eye wove between Hispañola, Jamaica, and Cuba, the large storm managed to inflict death and destruction on those islands. The recently-acquired NOAA P-3 aircraft flew nine missions into the hurricane in addition to four flights carried out by the NOAA C-130. 1980 hurricane Allen eye passes just south Allen had 130mph winds at the time aug 4th very heavy damage. The sliding glass door was no longer a problem, but the storm appeared to take an age to pass through, and it was dawn before we again felt reasonably secure. Prior to finally hitting land in Southern Texas, Allen had reached Category Five status for a record third time as its pressure fell to 909 mb, or 26.84 inches of Hg. The islanders worked really hard to clear rubbish, rebuild vital communication and transport links, and try to restore some kind of normality to their lives. It was also provided a cornucopia of scientific information which led to insights about storm dynamics, precipitation structure, and eyewall replacement cycles. The hotel was to receive an indeterminate number of passengers, check them in quickly, find them some food, and give them a room for the night. NHRL/HRD papers as the result of Hurricane Allen data: Jorgensen, D. P., E. J. Zipser, and M. A. LeMone, 1985: Vertical motions in intense hurricanes. The most recent Port St. Lucie, FL hurricane was Ana in 2015. There were about 16 fatalities in all on the island, tragic for those involved, but a relatively small number for such a major storm. Some three to four hours before the flight was due to arrive, it became evident that the storm was moving faster than expected, and its projected route would take it close to the stretch of water separating the islands of St Vincent and St Lucia, in fact very close to Hewanorra airport. Marks Jr.,F. The storm smashed through the Caribbean, Mexico and South Texas in August 1980. Early on the morning of August 10, 1980, major Hurricane Allen roared ashore over Brownsville, Texas. Hurricane David was an extremely deadly hurricane which caused massive loss of life in the Dominican Republic in August 1979, and was the most intense hurricane to make landfall in the country in recorded history.

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