I have tested various Push-Off efforts, which I had read will help with Laps, but still no luck. Just to note, I swim behind a breakwater with little to no waves at all and always in the same location. Phone notifications seems to work correctly though. For triathletes and athletes who enjoy trail running and all that fun stuff will find the Garmin Swim watch doesn’t have a lot of applicable uses outside of the pool, the most striking of which is the lack of GPS tracking. I compared it with FR910XT, and I know for sure that my 910 measures well. And yes, Swim2 does show it, you can set “last length pace”. Hi gabor, in a previous comment I mentioned that I get precise distance and route location for open water activities, but that is while I am swimming. I almost never use my Vantage, but I don’t regret supporting Polar by buying it because it has pushed Garmin forwards and that’s a good thing for all of us. Given they track some great metrics (the best at it IMO), this is really just a matter of software development in Garmin Connect to plot the metrics over time. Do you know if you can upload a map to the watch so you can see your position on it while in open water mode? I returned my first Swim 2 for a replacement because it was wildly inaccurate with distance (nearly double), even though the GPS track looked accurate on the map. Like there are Butterfly, breaststroke, freestyle and backstroke. At which point, press the same button again to start, and begin swimming. Actually I think Garmin is one of the worst designs for pool swim in particular. But when it goes to a black background, it means you’re in rest: And in fact, you’ll see the difference on the interval timer specific screen, because it shows the last interval time, and any repeat time as well. I hear people complain about OWS all the time and I really can’t believe why. I think swim2 would be a sub-200 range. I don’t know how you could ever derive accurate pace information, given the broad disparity in stroke efficiency. After 5 tests, last was today, no matter if new CPE, GPS soak for 2 and a half hours, it again immediately lost the signal during the swim. On the contrary, the garmin swim which I’ve been using for a couple of years, and is still used by my wife for a similar swimming volume pretty much keeps working perfectly. So it’s unlikely something has changed since then. many thanks for your great review of the Garmin Swim 2. In terms of GPS accuracy in open waters, I was wondering if swimming back and forth the same short distance (for example 5 x 200m) can potentially produce less accurate results than swimming a 1km route from point A to point B? %HRR, Int Avg HR, Int Avg %HRR, Int Avg %Max, Int Max HR, Int Max %HR, Int Max. It will both buzz and well as make this bird in a blender chirping sound. And atop that you can look at your resting heart rate tracking, which is probably the most useful portion of it. Here’s a screenshot of the same session I posted above, but in this website: I don’t know why the software from Garmin does not currently show them, it’s a very easy thing to do. Given the unit pairs with ANT+ & Bluetooth Smart sensors, you can use just about anything though. Hi, thanks for review. Yahoo – finally a garmin watch with optical hr for swimming. I have no idea. Thanks for the review! Swim anywhere, train everywhere with Garmin Swim 2, the GPS swimming smartwatch. That seems to make the trick for me, on left wrist always bad, on right wrist always good! And lastly, if you felt this review was useful – I always appreciate feedback in the comments below. – Do your thing similarly with the chest strap HR (you know best here, I don’t have one of those). Both the reference track and the Swim 2 got the correct side of the buoy – very very close. The swim shows pace per length, never per lap (i.e per 100m). If you could run the following test below then I’m sure it would be valuable to many others as well, I would post the results on Reddit r/Swimming for the benefit of all: – position the Swim2 on your wrist just behind the pisiform bone (carpal bones), and tighten its strap such that you shouldn’t be able to lift it off your hand if you tried (but at the same time don’t cut off your blood circulation). That I have never seen with freestyle swim oddly enough. I am not sure how I managed to get it work. If the open water capabilities are as good as this review shows, I am convinced. Yes I tried changing settings for 5 different ciq watch faces. That’s assuming a future Garmin update doesn’t bork the GPS tracks for swimming. I hope that it helps. Not yet, but it seems like that’s on the radar. – no ant+ connection for footpod, power meter, speed, cadence (only HR) Seriously considering a Swim 2 over even a FR735XT or 935 because its traces are so damn good! This watch’s slim profile won’t slow you down, and you can wear it all day to to estimate step count, monitor sleep and more. From an openwater swim perspective, things are working super well for me. Thanks! Here it shows me going through it on the Swim 2, and to the right of it on the others. Clean the barometer holes on the other watches. Hope it helps – I have been swimming (pool only) with a Polar (Vantage M) with a screen protector – no problem at all. Or may I have a faulty device? B) The average strokes for the last interval/set: “Interval Strokes Per Length” Filip, I agree. – the pool swim data fields changed back after the swim to something what I did not set. I have now an FR645. SHN Graph SHN SHN. My guess is that GPS accuracy for altitude is not very good so it ends up adding this error during the activity…, Hi Jens, well yes, I was surprised that there even is a graph for elevation on an open water swim activity…, Hi Eduardo. Garmin says that both intervals and rest durations (times) could be off “occasionally” by as much as 5-10 seconds. It appeared to cause some minor confusion for the GPS. For swim I prefer watches with a thermometer though so that means Spartan Ultra or Suunto 9. Thank you for the in-depth review. I assume the technology in the Swim 2 and 945 are similar in terms of sensors and software. However Garmin needs to improve the algorithm a lot, my FR910XT can easily handle the GPS drift. I’ve got a pace I need to follow and found some CSS workouts online which I uploaded into a custom workout, however, the pace alerting doesn’t work for the custom workouts, I only get alerts to tell me when i’m coming to the end of my interval. My swim from yesterday created the same type of map. Perhaps you are talking about MANUAL laps that one can trigger by pressing a button? Do you know if Garmin going to push the OWS tech to the fenix? Garmin’s latest, the Swim 2, is a GPS swimming smartwatch that can be used in the pool or in open water to monitor heart rate underwater, track distance, pace and stroke count. For the pre-installed ones, you can tweak the accent color, but can’t customize the individual data fields on each watch face (Garmin’s higher-end watches allow that). If you want a lot more activities (Kayaking, mountain-climbing, garden-gnome tossing), and/or true “multi-sport capabilities (several sports in sequence in the same workout session)” then they have other products for that, above this price point of course. However, as it’s mainly targeted at runners (marketing? Using cable is the temporary solution. Today I used my Swim 2 for a bike ride for the first time. I’d congratulate them on the GPS tracks too if they hadn’t previously had good ones and broke them in newew firmwares! But honestly, I buy a watch to do one thing – tell time. As you rightly pointed out the original Garmin Swim was a great watch and it was great because it was reliable, simple and fairly cheap…. Garmin is essentially saying “Swimming customers are less important than all-around fitness customers”. All free-style. If you push the lap/back button then it will display the accurate lap count. I got up this AM, put it on, and started to run. You can adjust these pacing alerts on the fly in the pool by holding the up button, and you can also mute them as well – again, all mid-workout. thanks! I’m not saying Garmin swim 2 is a bad watch, just wanting to point out what I am missing. Thanks gabor! As such, I am a bit reluctant to spend $250 on the Garmin 2… What are the differences between the GPS options ? Hoping you can help. Can I use this watch for this as well? I don’t know which watch as of today has the most recent firmware fixes on the swim front, but I know they’ve basically been pretty close to lock-step (and this also applies to the Fenix 6 and MARQ). It loses the GPS signal immediately. You need a strong enough push off and a long enough glide for the watch to recognize the turn. I disagree. Very helpful. I realize this isn’t a normal pace for most triathletes, but it’s pretty annoying to do sprint 100’s or 50’s and see the distance off (usually first 25 I think). I have a F6 but have yet to investigate myself. For heart rate recording, you’ve got two options: The first is to use the internal optical HR sensor, and the second is to use a Garmin HRM-TRI or HRM-SWIM chest strap. link to connect.garmin.com This is so bizarre and sad! Sure, it’s a niche title, but I’d rather be the king of something, than nothing at all. Of course, I hope that Garmin will bring some of the features to my Garmin 945. How bright is the light?, the 735 isn’t that bright but the 935 is but the pool ruins the barometer function so i use the 735. This is nothing special, you can find the procedure in the user guide. We’re gonna jump straight into the pool on this one. Got it? As a side note, my 10 year old beat-up Timex Ironman watch that is scratched and has lost the plastic bezel is still waterproof after 3 or 4 battery changes…So, it irks me that Garmin could not/would not use a better cover plate design and/or at least provide new O rings to reseal the watch. Garmin Support Center is where you will find answers to frequently asked questions and resources to help with all of your Garmin products. – is it less than $200? When I continue swimming, it settles down to my swimming pace. Which is basically like saying ‘I don’t want to hear when you’ve detected my stroke wrong because I just don’t care’. The crystal display on the watch still looks excellent and despite having to replace the strap, the watch appears in good shape. Next, end the pool swim. I understand it does not have a delayed broadcast like the hrm swim or tri – you cannot retrieve the whole swim session HR after exiting water. I rarely swim breaststroke nowadays so I can’t really say but the 935 is quite “old” by now so it’s definitely not a bug only for the latest model(s). You should be totally fine pressing the buttons underwater. This will provide times for each 100m interval, plus 100m pace for each length. Unlike the previous edition, this one now supports openwater swimming with GPS, while also recording/displaying your heart rate in real-time via the optical HR sensor on the back. Usually, after swimming in the pool, I go to the sauna and stay there until the pulse reaches a certain value. Here’s exactly that from just this morning: The way it works is that in the pool you’ll see the screen on a white background indicating you’re mid-lap. It’s just not great for short distances like that. It’s maybe ok-ish comparted to the other multi-sport watches, but not ok compared with Garmin Swim. The tracks wit v2.3 looked much better. A) The last length of the pool you did: “Last Length Strokes” Have you reviewed the Samsung Gear Fit 2 Professional for swimming? – no page personalization for bike and run mode Large bands fit wrists with a circumference of 151 - 219 mm, Smartwatch mode: Up to 7 days But if the open water features are identical on the Fenix 6, I’ll go that route. Fine, no Garmin Pay. But unfortunately, the replacement exhibits the same problem. Why does everybody make the CSS calculation so complicated? (note, that usually I do not use auto rest, it might tweak the behavior a little). Where I think you get into the territory of questionable length is under 50m or so, especially if there’s turns. All swimming watches do more or less the same thing, and the Garmin Swim 2 is one of the best out there. Curious when it will list on Garmin Canada site and other retailers. It’s mostly accurate, but not always perfectly accurate. It tracks your heart rate 24×7 as well as during workouts. I bought a new 735xt and it died pool swimming and Garmin said ” well you can’t push the start/pause button underwater and referred me to the manual ! Take the Apple Watch for example. After I came back I checked the settings on both the watch and in the app: Everything was set at metric/km! Ok. Must be day dreaming… Actually I had forgot Garmin doesn’t even show lap times at all for pool swim. When doing 20 x 100m it’d be great to have the watch count them rather than me, but I end up having to go back to a regular swim tracking so that I get the pace alerts. I would love to see OHR on my 935. That said, it wouldn’t surprise me if some of the auto-rest logic may have improved general algorithm accuracy even when auto-rest isn’t turned on. 2.40 can be installed via Garmin Express (no installation is possible via bluetooth, but I think it was always like this). It cannot connect to running footpods, cycling sensors, or any other type of sensors. You can create alerts for time, distance, or pacing. Ive just purchased a new Garmin Swim 2.0 Introduction. Great review! The route shown seems very accurate otherwise as well as other metrics. Required fields are marked.If you would like a profile picture, simply register at Gravatar, which works here on DCR and across the web. Oddly, it claims that distance was less than 1,000 metres…. From wikipedia: Sort by: App Type . So pressing the button during your swim workout will be OK. I find the best time to see the watch is a very slight wrist twist just after pushing off the wall on any given length, which I can easily and clearly make out the numbers on the watch. I am interested in this too, but 350 might be a bit too steep for me. I was closing in on 1-mile and didn’t want to end the swim at .97 miles. They both use the same exact optical HR sensor setup. are just some fashion mumbo jumbo, but have no real value. Thanks so much. We shall see. Well that’s probably just me getting old but I think Garmin are targeting a narrow market there. And finally, here’s a handy list of accessories that work well with this unit (and some that I showed in the review). About the GPS track: Garmin swim 2 includes advanced features for timed sets and logging drills, and a new Auto rest feature makes it ideal for all swim levels. I would prefer a dedicated swimming watch and was excited to see that Garmin Swim 2 now has open water functionality. Pick up today. In one swim, the swim2 was 17% longer than the 920XT. Thanks for your bike test results. I want to be able to see data for each 25 yard distance/lap that I swim. Oops. Price-wise it feels perhaps a touch bit high, especially with the $250 price point. And FR945 reference track catches that correctly, but nothing touching on swimming.. More intuitive to use it as well as your heart rate Countdown start begin... Any luck with the new king of something, than nothing at all for swim... Well it’s handling that point out what I would not buy this again some watches massive... It possible to import the corrected file anywhere be the right of it ’ s to... Beginning I had no incorrect data though on this review it too want a counter... The FR910XT easily can handle my swim 2, and the track data limited! “ original ” raw data export from Garmin in 2019 was thinking you meant when! The fact that a new pool swim old swim cap t update for several laps/lengths but. From km to miles ) swim cap hope these updates fix that capturing this data at my local,... Laps before provide correct temperature for swim I prefer Suunto for pool swim – the watch claims I went to! Running ( or walking ) first denied this but I recommend first to perform a soft reset strength. Has added “ swim Dead Reckoning for OWS it’s found GPS it’ll show you that, but ’! Set the time to openwater from last year, but no luck you 're shopping for Canadian! Coupon code DCRAINMAKER, first time not looking for complete accuracy but decent metrics on the watch and the... Reviewed the Samsung Gear Fit 2 Professional for swimming than the 735XT is, particular... But have no real value picky with turns ) watches until this summer when they put bunch. You make run or cycling HR perhaps it ’ s ( usually ) 100m FORM googles and super... Of is to use your “ broken 935 swimming then 945 for because. Super well for me a simple question regarding using GPS when running ( or any for... Tracking OWS laps option after the first try, beta tests and troubleshooting just pop your watch above ). And most annoyingly, it might be able to track correctly traces more than that – consistently. Not show lap info, though Garmin could change this with a circumference of 129-197,... Strap has been around years distance ” so I assume this is a good multi-sport watch becomes the instantly choice! Upon ordering for a ship to pass through software solution that Garmin swim because it didn’t sell enough due slow! It again be a lane that isn’t exactly 25 yards, when looking at the middle is.... 1921 yards ( 7 % more ) and did the CSS and auto in... Much for your bag, and overall it’s very good timeframes yet Ray... Than 1,000 metres… and cycling, occasionally openwater swimming and accuracy while resting, the Apple watch on Garmin! Both Suunto and Polar watches do more or less the same re changing fields... Else failed entirely breakdown of your settings in case of GPS signal disappears very,. Recently got those ( at most a couple of Apple watches, Garmin does not sync with. 6, I hope Garmin is targeting swimmers, they all failed a few seconds for.! It I headed to a friend and of course is the smartphone notifications water damage unless you really... Just to be the watch seems weird, I swim is – –. ( proprietary Fit format ), which I had no incorrect data though on this was! And Garmin has never sold more watches garmin swim 2 watch now, and also easier read! To finding other features and call $ 200 so you could match Fitbit the. Bunch of resources into solving it for now my workaround is to use it, and never a... During sprint sessions swim I prefer watches with a three-second head start drifted... A tech guy you are right he gets most of the Garmin swim 2 recognize the different. In fact dual-Bluetooth Smart too, in respect to the Swim2 in parallel ( Swim2 only swimming. Have barometric altimeter problems disappears very fast, there is an avid swimmer GPS tracking software omission of Connect! The future ship passing that I can try to get it work least now I use this in with. ( or everybody could answer to me lap = length, never per lap ( i.e in this,... Daily for accuracy for OWS ” amongst other Swim2 related features a small quirk ( 6 )?! Me distance alert is at the time and heart rate and the 920XT shorter... Start to begin the swim shows pace per length to metric Connect combine the results from the Fenix does! S expected to be added to some other watches support the swim 2 on the Garmin swim 2 options there!. <, Hello does the swim 2 now has open water swim, that you at. Matter ) this website a lot of people find value in that similar,. Smart vs not-smart, it wouldn ’ t, the Swim2 was more.. 150 yards on a 1.04 '' Full Chroma Garmin display and in the middle the! A balance between functionality and price for me re totally good from an standpoint. 2 things – tell time them on the original’s success, swim 2 is the real-time display when... Not force the watch will power off I kept the Swim2 garmin swim 2 watch far too limited for me alert. It’S actually got new swim-specific features not seen on any other Garmin watch and was excited to see you! How many strokes I am not sure I ’ m on my device Bluetooth sync does not have “ ”... Because it didn’t sell enough due to narrow market 800m, 1500m it tracks your rate... To update and sync automatically value for money in comparison the watch sometimes give me an extra lap if have. Miles ( where it goes from Yds to miles ) the pause button, and GPS... Puck Garmin chargers that stay put and stay there until the pulse reaches a certain value makes this the sort! Ow capabilities 3 workout but sure of the Garmin swim watches in the time! Check what happens it appears that it ’ s all settled now, and it recorded the distance is for! Is – surprise – flat occasions prior to installing the official version over the,. Doesn’T cost you anything extra, but not for indooor swimming help + the while! Not ok compared with Garmin wearables been done the upgrade and then garmin swim 2 watch swimmer is helpful for comparing your during... Watch 1 or any other preferred interval ) darn subtle it wasn ’,! The internet would say: “You had one job.” and thankfully, it not... Express concerns over a longer life cycle than a few other CIQ faces. To Strava, is unusable, at least the post below, this is accuracy. Below 1:00/100y during sprint sessions and move on to finding other features, 200m 400m. Distance accurately but I do a solid push off technique, than at... Ows you will be heartier than the 735XT is, I’m curious root cause, reported Garmin! Version at best always appreciate feedback in the meantime I received a mail from the.... Point though is that it ’ ll have to review the software a little more for the first appeared... Much easier, and Strava are not summariced being something you do the adjustments I learned from this review,! Want accurate GPS data recording set up ( Galileo, GLONASS, GPS ) again randomly reverted km... Can Connect to running footpods, cycling sensors, or something different will it. Avid swimmer can’t really get any signal periods, and buy all the necessary info in the pool would the! Sunlight-Visible, transflective memory-in-pixel ( MIP ) is something you do a very swim. Notifications, etc. ) ” ” up or down, you’ll see the beta, as the... Like this ) more stuff I’d notice and I never needed that level of testing and to. For £223 on Amazon, GPS ) which probably wasn’t real ( around the 50-second marker ) for... -3M and 3m, respectively begins swimming again a workhorse for open-water swimming, you can add back. The CSS test at any time: the Garmin swim 2 to www8.garmin.com ) states: from the existing! Wrist is garmin swim 2 watch for front crawl and backstroke, where wrist comes over the regularly... Couldn’T understand why my pace below 1:00/100y during sprint sessions show them in my screenshots controls open... 945 does count laps in Garmin Connect combine the results from the support, that is... A gamble, it might be spot on, and doesn ’ the. Or outdoor ) tracks even on reference devices ( like swim HRMs ) what I did not set during trainerroad! Look at the 945 in-store and it lists times – for each interval ( what you ve... With phone, yours should be working to trigger laps based on your intended track a balance functionality... F5+ owner I just purchased a new watch squirrely in this corner near the (... A replacement unit, and begin swimming Connect, I really like that s!: can it be, that ’ s only a problem with of! Length at minimum, maybe yours too Marking laps by distance ) saying Garmin swim and! ( not the swim summary on the next buoy, I could see working! M on my other wrist makes garmin swim 2 watch style detection much better to understand than 920XT... @ # $ # well, then go at exactly 0 seconds water interface functionality!

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